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Americn Pride Coments

"Because the Statler Brothers were such an important part of the state fair of West Virginia for so many years, it was indeed a pleasure to have American Pride, The Tribute To The Statler Brothers, as part of our grandstand lineup.  Our fairgoers had an opportunity to relive the music that touched so many people for so long.  Most importantly it was an extremely well done tribute with exceptional vocal and stage presentation.  For 90 minutes our fairgoers were able to relive one of our fair's greatest entertainment traditions of all time.  Thanks for a job well done!"


Marlene Pierson
Former International Fair President
Former President of State Fair of West Virginia
Current President of State Fair of Virginia

"The Statler Brothers travelled with the Johnny Cash Show for 9 years.  I've been around the world.  I have seen everything.  I've seen many tribute acts throughout the years.  Seeing American Pride brought back so many memories for me.  Watching them on stage was like seeing the Statler Brothers themselves.

WS Holland
Member of The Tennessee Three 1960-2008
Johnny Cash's Only Drummer
Johnny Cash's Manager


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